For Seller

Realia Luxury is much more than just property selling.

We are committed to providing a high-quality, discreet and professional customer service. We are proud of our company, employees, customers, goals and commitments. If there is a best way to do things, it is our goal to find, implement and further improve it.
Each real estate item is unique. However, luxury real estate stands apart from other properties to a much greater extent and, as such, deserves a special attention.

• Our professional brokers and best assessment experts combine their efforts to determine the fair market value of a real estate item

• An elaborate marketing plan is composed for each real estate item based on the distinctive features of any given real estate

• We map all transactions made with luxury real estate and compose a unique market overview for each real estate item

• Marketing a real estate item, we employ not only traditional channels, but also distinctive strategies which ensure the visibility of this real estate both in Estonia and abroad

• Realia Luxury cooperates closely with real estate brokers in many countries